Look for this page to fill up with events and happenings! Ask your bookstore to have a reading.

The June 9th celebration of publication was very successful. We sold 54 copies! I read from the manuscript and acknowledged the team that made it into a book:

Mary Eichbauer, Editor-in-Chief, Benicia Literary Arts, Sherry Sheehan, Ann Kurteff, and Linda Foley, editors. Also Thomas Stanton, cover design and photography, Susan Street, painter, and Carrie Requist who designed the family tree.

To Contact Late Harvest Green author, Lois Requist, please send email to loquuu@gmail.com

Update 9/15/18:

I had a most enjoyable trip to Idaho, visiting family and friends, and introducing Late Harvest Green to people at two libraries and two coffee shops in northern Idaho and four libraries in the Boise Valley.

I came to appreciate the librarians I worked with, as they are well-informed readers. When they attended the readings, they had good comments and questions.

Elizabeth Westenburg at the Hillcrest Branch of the Boise Library and WIlliam Nation at the Main Branch on Capitol Blvd. were especially helpful. 

‚ÄčI was told the Boise Library was buying six copies of the book!

  • ‚ÄčThe book is now available at
  • *** Vanderford's Books & Office Products
  •        201 Cedar Street,Sandpoint      www.vanderfords.com/default.aspx
  • *** and at the bookstore in Cascade. More info to follow.